Indian Waterpark?

Hong Kong was the adventure of a lifetime.  I think one day we ended up walking over 21 miles and carrying over 250 lbs on each journey.  I am confident it was the Lords strength that got us through each time to the others side.  In all we made 11 trips across and delivered over 6000 B’s to some of which have been asking for over 2 years! And we probably each have 3 at home and sometimes dont read it everyday.  It is such a need to bring them the word especially those who just don’t have access to them deep in the heart of southeast asia.  Overall, it was such an adrenaline rush and an adventure every journey that was made.  It was hard to say goodbye to the friends I have made but thanks to the internet it is not as bad. We played settlers of catan 2 nights. nbd. Nothing is as unifying as that game haha. I am looking forward to coming back in the future to see what the Lord has done in one years time.

Yesterday we flew from HK to Kuala Lampur, Malaysia.  After spending the night on our wonderful inflatable sleep mats in the airport we flew to New Delhi where we were picked up by some of the people who run the orphanage.

We are at an internet cafe right now just outside of New Delhi not too far from the orphanage.  It has been already such an incredible time to see the joy and the hearts of all the orphans that live here.  Each year that this group comes we try and take them to pizza hut one day as well as the local waterpark! This is such a treat for those who never really get to leave for much more than just school down the road.  We have figured out we have enough money to take the ones who are here now (40 total) but we are in need for more money to take the ones who are coming tomorrow (another 40) to the waterpark.  It will cost about 600$ to take all of them to the waterpark.  As a team we are asking our supporters and those following the blogs to please consider donating some money to allow us to do this!  Every little bit helps and I hope that you will think of the joy it will bring them if you can do it.  I promise to post some pictures of each of them playing at the waterpark if we can make this happen.  But enough of that..

Thank you all so much for all the prayers. If you can lift up a few more prayers that would be nice (sleeping on the floor with no A/C without beds, western toilets, and running water with bugs everywhere and 85 degrees as the low hasn’t been easy).  Yesterday we jumped around in the mud and rain with all the kids playing soccer.  This has been a crazy journey around the world.  It is amazing to see how the God we serve back in the US is the same God as we have here.  I miss you guys.

Please consider giving at globaljourney.org and put in the purpose section “Waterpark” if God leads to you to do so

In Him,


1 trip across

The concrete jungle of HK

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