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What a mighty God we serve.

I first would like to apologize for how long it has been since my last post on here. We had no internet access in India till the very end and have not had any in Uganda till this day.

The plus is after all this time i have some great stories to tell from India..

After being at the Emmanuel orphanage in India for only 2 days i fell in love with the kids. Since there is a cast system in most of India, orphans are considered the lowest of the low. The Hindu religion believe that since they are orphans they must have done some horrible sin in their previous life to deserve such a difficult and poor life; therefore, no one helps any of them. The children had so much joy and loved to be with and hang out each of us which was so encouraging. The kids were always touching your hair, hanging on your arm, or sleeping on you. Each of them had such a funny and playful personality that I got to know by the end very well. Total there were 80 orphans but only 40 were there for most of the time. The conditions were definitely not easy considering we had no A/C, no running water, and no showers (sticky salt water bucket baths were the way we had to go). We also had to wake up at 530 everyday while we were there for morning prayer. They had prayer 3 times a day which included songs and memory verse recital. Most of the rest of the day we played games, played sports, or helped build their new church building. The food was interesting to put it lightly but i never went hungry so praise God. It was difficult at times but it made it so much easier when I thought about how these kids experienced these conditions day after day without a word of complaining. Their joy was not tied to a circumstance or an emotion but to their love for their King. These kids had hardly any possessions to their name but never asked for ours or for anything more than what they had been given.

A story to go along with this astounding character was a little boy of 8 named Sergreive who had a big protruding cyst on his back filled with fluid about the size of a golf ball. We found this cyst on our 3rd day there only because another friend of his told us about it. He had developed it about 2 years ago and they said he hardly ever complained about it despite the look of pain. He had been in pain for so so long. After persisting to the caretakers, we took him to a local hospital (if you can even call it that with all the flies and rust garden trimmer which was used to cut the tape). If you can keep in mind, he has no pain medicine and no anesthetics up to this point and has not let out a single tear or complaint. I am still amazed when i think about what happened next. The doctor took off the bandages we had put on him the day before and proceeded to squeeze and pinch this boys wound to try and relieve some pressure and fluid. It looked so painful, i think most of the group was wincing when they saw it but he still never cried. I think he was closer to smiling than crying to be honest as i held his hand. I saw a grown man squeal in pain when this was done in the US. The Lord totally gave him the strength he needed. For the next week, we were all able to watch his joy and excitement after he had been healed. Never complaining. Never crying. Only thankful. I am amazed.

Another praise is that we were able to take all of the kids to the waterpark!! They had been looking forward to the chance of it happening for a year. Thank you all who sent in money to help us take the kids. I pray that you who gave are so blessed. Just to paint a picture from our perspective, I have never seen as much back hair/speedos as I did that day. We also got to witness an Indian dance competition which was needless to say ridiculously hilarious. The water was almost brown and there was a lot of creepy older men hanging around the park but wouldn’t you know it the kids loved every minute! They were so tired by the end of the day they all fell asleep on us on the ride home.

One day i was particularly amazed. KFC. Kentucky Fried Chicken. The kids were in heaven! I can think of many friends back in the states who normally can not STAND this place haha including myself. You would have thought we were at the Kings dinner table. They were all laughing it up. I just can’t help but think how ungrateful I am. One kid told us he had been praying for 2 weeks for a chance to get to go to KFC which we didn’t even find out till afterwards. How cool to be used to answer his prayer! Most everyone had never been before. Not even once. Us Americans are so blessed. P.S. I think at least 3 of the staff asked to take a picture with me considering i was a white person haha definitely a first for me #feelinglikeacelebrity

Another crazy experience was definitely riding a motorcycle around India for errands and driving one myself. One of the workers who was 23 named Vikram and I became friends so he let me drive it around some. Things i had to remember: cars don’t stop for you, people don’t stop, bugs are big and feel like rocks when you hit them, and finally drive on the left side of the road. Weird. I don’t think mother would be happy but what a blast.

I wish i could tell some more stories but I don’t have time and I do not want to bore anyone reading. Please when i get back come ask because what God has been teaching me has been incredible. Just a few things God has been teaching me shortly.

Life is short. Serve diligently. Love passionately. Character matters. Sacrifice unconditionally.

“God uses most those who make themselves least”

2 Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you. For my power is made perfect in weakness”

Please continue praying for me. I love and miss you all.

P.S. I am actually in Mbale, Uganda now at the Children’s Home here but I don’t have enough time to tell what is going on at the moment but I hopefully will have time shortly.



Indian Waterpark?

Hong Kong was the adventure of a lifetime.  I think one day we ended up walking over 21 miles and carrying over 250 lbs on each journey.  I am confident it was the Lords strength that got us through each time to the others side.  In all we made 11 trips across and delivered over 6000 B’s to some of which have been asking for over 2 years! And we probably each have 3 at home and sometimes dont read it everyday.  It is such a need to bring them the word especially those who just don’t have access to them deep in the heart of southeast asia.  Overall, it was such an adrenaline rush and an adventure every journey that was made.  It was hard to say goodbye to the friends I have made but thanks to the internet it is not as bad. We played settlers of catan 2 nights. nbd. Nothing is as unifying as that game haha. I am looking forward to coming back in the future to see what the Lord has done in one years time.

Yesterday we flew from HK to Kuala Lampur, Malaysia.  After spending the night on our wonderful inflatable sleep mats in the airport we flew to New Delhi where we were picked up by some of the people who run the orphanage.

We are at an internet cafe right now just outside of New Delhi not too far from the orphanage.  It has been already such an incredible time to see the joy and the hearts of all the orphans that live here.  Each year that this group comes we try and take them to pizza hut one day as well as the local waterpark! This is such a treat for those who never really get to leave for much more than just school down the road.  We have figured out we have enough money to take the ones who are here now (40 total) but we are in need for more money to take the ones who are coming tomorrow (another 40) to the waterpark.  It will cost about 600$ to take all of them to the waterpark.  As a team we are asking our supporters and those following the blogs to please consider donating some money to allow us to do this!  Every little bit helps and I hope that you will think of the joy it will bring them if you can do it.  I promise to post some pictures of each of them playing at the waterpark if we can make this happen.  But enough of that..

Thank you all so much for all the prayers. If you can lift up a few more prayers that would be nice (sleeping on the floor with no A/C without beds, western toilets, and running water with bugs everywhere and 85 degrees as the low hasn’t been easy).  Yesterday we jumped around in the mud and rain with all the kids playing soccer.  This has been a crazy journey around the world.  It is amazing to see how the God we serve back in the US is the same God as we have here.  I miss you guys.

Please consider giving at and put in the purpose section “Waterpark” if God leads to you to do so

In Him,


1 trip across

The concrete jungle of HK


Pictures. Lots of Pictures.

I just thought I might share some pictures of the trip thus far. I will try and tell some stories as I go to explain some pictures.

Aerial pictures of HK from the plane flight


This weekend we had a break and were able to take some time and see HK island up close for the first time! This was a great get away for us to see the people we were ministering to during our time here. At night was so beautiful!

Haha oh and I almost forgot look who’s hand prints I found on the deck where I took the pictures above. Why not right?

Bruce Lee.

This picture is from a couple of days ago when we were in Beijing but I thought I might share it now. It’s the Olympic stadium for those that don’t know. Pretty sweet huh?

One day we stumbled upon a meat market. If you don’t like to know where your food comes from don’t look at these. I can’t tell you how cool this was. It’s not just a hamburger from a hamburger tree haha.




Saddest chicken I have ever seen..


Saturday during some time off we decided as a group to go hiking the tallest mountain in HK which was a blast and who would have know we found this thingy. Still don’t know what is but heck it makes for a great pic hah.

I’m going to preface these next pictures and say this was an incredibly fun way we spent our Saturday off. After getting all nasty from hiking in this humid rainforest of a mountain we went for a swim and it was incredible. Here are some of the pictures that followed..






It was a great weekend but now it’s back to the hard stuff. I hope to be able to show y’all pictures about what we are REALLY doing here soon but for now i need to protect those we are working with. Today He did some incredible things and stories I can’t wait to tell each of you in person. Until then please keep our group and me in your prayers and let me know if I can be praying for you about anything. I might have more time/less distractions here than some might..

I miss you guys. Feels free to text me. I have unlimited incoming. I still love you even if I don’t quickly respond.


Mavs 2011 NBA Champs! Whoop! (watched it on skype halfway around the world)


Hong Kong!

God was just showing off when he made hong kong no doubt about it. This place is an absolutely incredible! I am at our flat right now on the 16th floor in downtown HK watching some older women doing yoga/ti chi/something really weird on the roof a few floors down haha it’s cracking me up.

We rode out here after the flight on a double decker bus which definitely reminded me of something out of Harry Potter! It is amazing to see the beauty of this city. I woke up this morning to see the rising skyscraper flats, the the rolling hills, the cloud covered mountains in the distance, and the blue water bay filled with ships from all around the world. I can see the huge bridges connecting the broken islands, the soccer stadiums, the old Chinese restaurants, and the swimming pools. Most imortantly i see the Chinese cities we travel to filled with people searching for a peace that comes from our savior.

Yesterday and today we have been traveling and making deliveries of books to china. The most amazing stuff has been taking place! Dad has been making us invisible when necessary and blinding the eyes of those watching us. On any given day we can take hundreds of pounds with us to be delivered to those in need despite the scanners and inspections. Today I was stopped for the first time but for some reason the man only took a small amount and was so incredible! The team has ben working so hard and will hopefully continue. This trip isfar from over.. Through a lot of sweat, persistence, and prayer we made our deliveries. Hallelujah!

Yesterday evening we had some time when all was finished to go into china and get some food. Our guide took us to this Japanese Italian food place to get some food. Check out what was available for under 2$! McDonalds has nothing on this..

Please continue praying for us!




I thought today would never come!

It could not be more exciting! I have been training in new branfels for the past 3 days and been waiting since November to finally leave. The lord has been revealing so much to us about other cultures, how to behave and surprisingly a lot about myself.

Since early last week we have been getting information on how to serve and share the gospel in other countries. We have been growing close to one another and I have realized how blessed I am to have the team I have. Where I fall short they excel; we are starting to become a team that is the body of Christ. Gods planning is flawless. While here we have floated the Comal river in tubes, played random farkle dare games (which I have lost: check out, and laughed until it hurt.

Please be praying for me. Thank you so much you who diligently are, it is making the difference. The Lord has already been revealing how much he is going to work this summer.. Even through a sinner such as me.

Excited and hopeful,



The adventure of a lifetime.

I first off just want to say thank you to all the many supporters who have supported me and what our group, Global Journey, is doing this summer!  The Lord is so powerful and mighty and to be praised.  I have seen such amazing things happen in not only support raising but in just the fashion the Lord has chosen to provide, which is just a testament to his majesty!  I have been asked by a number of people to send a list of where we will be traveling this summer so here is the itenary..

  • June 6th: Fly to Asian country via Vancouver (distributing books)
  • June 16th: Fly to New Delhi, India via Kuala Lumpur (orphanage)
  • June 26th:  Fly to Entebbe, Uganda via Dubai & Addis Ababa (children’s home)
  • July 7th:  Fly to Nice, France via Nairobe & Doha (painting and construction)
  • July 17th:  Fly to San Jose, Costa Rica via Rome, Frankfurt, and Santo Domingo (counselors at a sports camp)
  • July 30th:  Fly to San Antonio

Its going to be such an adventure learning how the Lord is moving through the church in different countries and how to do share as Paul did in 1st Chorinthians. He said, “I have become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some. I do it all for the sake of the gospel, that I may share with them in its blessings.”  I think one of the things I can be most excited about is that I know that I do not have what it takes on my own to be effective for the gospel in these MANY extremely different environments.  To be what these people need,  I need to become so much more than just myself.  I need to be what i am in Christ.

Please pray for me and for the hearts of the people we will come in contact with as we embark on this amazing journey.  I can not do it without your support. (I really do not think i can)

5 countries, 4 continents, 60 days, 1 purpose!


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