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Still learning.


I was blessed to be able to join the Philadelphia Sisters with some of my fellow brothers in the Brotherhood of Christian Aggies as we traveled to Managua, Nicaragua this last week.  I was able to see those guys and girls selflessly serve. It amazed me to see how smoothly a trip can progress when everyone has a eternal mindset. Weird huh?

We were able to be there for 8 days starting on the 1st of January.  The ministry we were a part of is called Chosen Children Ministries which focuses on evangelism and discipleship of the people in the barrios outside of Masaya.  Each morning we would ride a bus out to the barrio where we would do either VBS, Youth Evangelism, or Construction.

It was always interesting to see how what we thought we might do during the day always seemed to change.  The Lord never wanted us to be comfortable.  It would have been too easy to start thinking selfishly.

Going into this trip i thought i had a lot figured out about the character and power of God.  It is so humorous to me about how ignorant I can be when I have the Word of God at my fingertips.  I have always been a sceptic when it comes to the Holy Spirit’s movement in normal people.  During this trip, I was able to encounter a new side of God through the spirit of God moving.  I have always skeptically believed the Holy Spirit could do supernatural things but never until this trip believed it would actually happen to someone like me.

The topic that was talked about on the Sunday we arrived had been the Holy Spirit and how real it can be in our lives if we ask to be filled with it.  The message had emphasized the importance of prayer in a Christians life and how crucial it is that we pray to be filled by the Holy Spirit every day.  It had been 4 days since that message and since then it had been a goal of mine to make sure to ask the Lord that I as well as the rest of the team would be filled by the Holy Spirit.  It was January 5th and we were concluding our evening in a similar fashion as we had the previous nights.  The evening consisted of eating another portion of beans and rice as well as the special for the evening.  We sat outside under the roof and told of how we had seen the Lord work or what we personally had been learning.  There then would be a time of worship followed up by prayer.

This time was different.

As we were finishing our stories of the day, we realized that there were many people who we each had talked to who either needed prayer or we had told we pray for them.  Instead of lifting up prayer for these people one by one as a group or on our own time, we decided that we would try something a little different for prayer.  We decided that everyone should out loud, at the same time lift there requests to God.  It is one thing to gather in worship but it is a thing unlike anything i have ever experienced to gather in prayer before the King.

This is where it gets crazy.  As i finished up praying, I looked up in just shear wonder and excitement as i heard the voices of everyone in prayer. I have never felt the Holy Spirit was more in a single place.  I looked up at the lights and saw them start to move side to side ever so slightly.  My first thoughts were, “Oh, I am crying again”, and that is why they are moving.  It has to be my blurred eyes. But i wasn’t.  It was so strange for me to see those lights move ever so slightly back and forth.  I continued to watch these lights confused by what i was seeing.  As the final person in the group said, “Amen”, you could hear a hush go over the place.  It was unmistakably the Lord.  After a minute of silence, I looked up at the lights to now again to see not only lights moving back and forth ever so slightly but to see an unmistakable swaying movement of the lights.  The whole building looked as if it were being shaken.  It was the strangest thing.  I didn’t understand what was happening but then I was told about this verse.

Acts 4:31 “After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.”

I get chills just thinking about that moment.  The Holy Spirit was undeniably filling that place and place was shaken.  I have doubted and skeptically believed the stories of others before even when I have his Word right in front of me. This is why I now realize how much I still have to learn about the Holy Spirit and who God is.  I am still learning.

And hopefully will not ever stop..



How about some pictures?

Coolest kid ever. All he ever wanted was a toy. Stinker made me cry.. Twice.

My favorite translator who was an absolute punk the whole time we were there! I think he just pulled out my leg hair here.

Playing tag with the kids which always turned into a big wrestle match.


This is a picture of me walking into the barrio called Marvin.  I had a spanish-english bible for a friend there i had to give him.  It would allow him to learn English better and learn about the Lord more.  His name was Franklin and he had been a Christian for a year.

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